SO UH, this is kind of urgent.

I’m unemployed. While I’m on a job hunt right now, it’s going painfully slow. I’ve ran out of money and, more importantly, ran out of antidepressants. As anyone who sits on an SSRI would know, these things can make all the difference simply getting out of bed in the morning, and I’m starting to feel my lack of medication…. pretty hard. (The withdrawal symptoms of cipralex kind of really suck).

I don’t like to beg for money, though. My commissions are open, starting at 10 dollars for a non-coloured head, and I can bump that down to five for simple sketches, so even if you can’t spare a full thirty for something complex, I’d appreciate even a small amount.

For full cost information, check my weasyl profile.

To contact me, either email me at systemeclipse@outlook.com or if you have a weasyl account, simply send me a pm.

» Stop and spread the news about #VENEZUELA



Please take a moment to reblog any or all of the following links, and let people know what’s going on in our country. There’s a media blackout and these things are not getting out. We NEED to get them outside Venezuelan blogs and out to the world. 

REMEMBER, THIS IS HAPPENING NOW. You ARE helping if your reblog, but not later. We need this to be out right now. Get it to the media in your country, send it up, spread it over twitter and facebook. Don’t let it vanish. Venezuelans could be shut out of the internet any time and cut out from the world. You can help by reblogging this or any of the links separately.

Warning: Some of the links contain images of the events of today’s protests and the victims of pro-government shock groups, and as such these may including violence, blood and death. Remember to tag them properly.









News sources:



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…That’s two people now that’ve had this, apparently.. What the heck is going on.

Reblogging this so that people see what’s going on with the people who’ve got those little posts goin’ on.

I guess this is happening?? Beware!

heads up all

this is my friend. she could really use your help. 
> > donate to jen’s fund < < 

seeing my friend in this state does not feel real. i never thought something like this would happen to someone i know, let alone to my closest friend. looking at this picture is really painful for me, but her and her family’s wellbeing may depend on the kindness of friends and possibly strangers like you, so getting her story out there is really crucial. even if you don’t have money to give, if you you wouldn’t mind sharing this, maybe one of your followers will donate. that could really add up! i’ve seen other success stories on tumblr. please, please help me make my friend a success story. this is so real to me.

my friend, jenevieve kim, was hit by a car while biking home on georgia tech campus. the police report states that the accident was in a 25 mph zone and witnesses claimed she flew thirty feet from the car, yet the driver refuses to take responsibility (says it’s “her fault”) and is paying nothing. she can’t weigh in on this, of course, because she remembers nothing of the accident, which is understandable considering she has a cracked skull, internal head bleeding, a broken leg, ribs, and a cracked hip among other expensive injuries. the cost for keeping her alive is estimated to be over $15,000

i’m so grateful she’s survived, but she’s still in pretty awful shape. plus, she doesn’t have insurance. and her family is struggling as it is and won’t be able to help her. (she was previously helping them financially. btw, she’s 20.) jen is the hardest worker i know, a selfless friend, and was previously paying her own way through college. she was forced to quit her music business internship (her dream job) next semester because of this and won’t be able to attend school at all for a long time. 

my friend is on her own with all of this. but i decided it doesn’t have to be that way. life itself isn’t fair by any means (see above. did i mention this happened the week after her birthday? like holy shit), but regardless there are still good people in this world. as a community, we can do everything we can to even the score. please help me take this off my friend’s plate so she can heal. 

if you could consider sharing this with your followers or friends, jen’s loved ones and supporters will be forever grateful. every person who shares this will be personally thanked. i don’t care if this reaches a thousand notes (which i doubt), every kind stranger who supports my friend in any way deserves a personal thank you. 

also, every single person who donates will receive a handmade gift. i don’t care if you’re all the way in korea. you will receive a handmade token of appreciation. there’s been 99 donators thus far; i (and a few of our friends) already started making a few things. they’ll be really cool, promise!

if you have any fundraising suggestions, words of encouragement, or would like to help in any way please feel free to contact me. thank you sincerely for taking the time to read jen’s story, and thank you to my followers, who will no doubt hear about this story for quite some time, for being so patient. i realize i was almost exclusively a k/j-horror blog previously, which makes this a bit more surreal for me.
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» Potential Homelessness; Please Help


Alright.  I’m not sure where to start with this, so.

I’m going to be homeless if I can’t pay rent in the next few days. I don’t have the money to do so.  After selling almost everything I don’t need and getting help from a friend and a relative, I still need $465.

Here’s what is up.

To start, I’ve been mostly in financial crises for almost 10 years now.  Until this year, I’ve been working at minimum wage customer service jobs that has made saving money for a scenario like this impossible.  I don’t/haven’t had any relatives who have been willing - or able - to let me stay with them to help save money in case of anything like this.

This year, I finally got into college.  That’s been going fine, but I decided to take this semester off to work on a game project that I’m hoping will allow me to finally work at doing this full time after it’s release early next year.  In general, it’s caused a lot of stress and breakdowns, even if working on it is what I love more than anything.  Meanwhile, I’ve had to move.  Moving + deposits + buying my own furniture since I didn’t own any + rent wound up costing almost all of the money I’ve had.  I’ve gotten two interviews after applying to a lot of places around where I live, but haven’t been able to land a job yet.  I have virtually no relatives on the west coast, so I have nowhere to go for even a day if I lose my place.  I’ve sold off almost everything I don’t need and got help from a couple friends, but I still don’t have enough for rent.

That’s pretty much where I’m at right now.  If you would like to know some less depressing facts about myself, I’m 25, live in Portland, and I have a cat named Biscotti who is my bff.  I’m pretty decent at scribbling:


Have brought forth such classics as the hit game, Love Love Chau!!:


And this is the game I’m working on:


I don’t have much time to offer art in return because of my current project, commissions I’ve already obligated to do earlier this year, and my current job search, but if you donate any amount of money, you’ll get the pre-order for Deadly Kawaii.  Any amount at all, over the next couple days.  Here’s a post about it.  Here’s an interview I did for Eye for Games.  If you like magical girls and cool heroines, you’ll probably like it.

A couple relatives are helping me out during the months of November and December if I’m still not able to find a job and pre-orders for the game don’t do well after the demo is released.  After that, I will be fine since I’ll be back in school for spring semester in January.

This is just one month’s rent and it is quite literally the difference between me being homeless.  I want to keep my place, I want to keep my cat, I want to go to school, and more than anything, I want to keep making games for people to play.

If you’re able to contribute anything, my Paypal is detectivedeathmachine@gmail.com.

Please, please, please, if you can’t contribute, please reblog and get word around.  I didn’t want to make this post.  I hate asking this.  And I’ve constantly been in financial crises and have always figured something out on my own, but right now I’m backed against a wall and I honest to god don’t know what else to do at this point.  I appreciate anything at all anyone is willing to do to help me out in this dilemma.  Thank you so much.

» please pray for the people of the philippines. especialy the ones in visayas


we are experiencing alot of damage due to the 7.2 magnitude earthquake. please pray for the safety of my fellow filipinos. it takes a few secounds but it means alot. thank you


Alice Guy was the first female film director. She would become the first female movie studio owner, and one of the most prominent filmmakers in the industry, making her one of the highest paid women in the U.S. 

How could such an important figure in the birth of cinema be unknown to us? 

So we, filmmakers Pamela Green and Jarik van Sluijs, had a case, a real detective story. We decided to search for answers. We’ve discovered surprising new information as we began our research and interviews. It turned into a feature documentary in-the-making about Alice Guy-Blaché and the birth of cinema – Be Natural.

This Kickstarter is so incredibly important to educating people about film history and more importantly the role of women in the earliest days of cinema and if you’re into film you should really consider donating to this.


Tumblr, I really need your help.

My friend’s daughter has lost her best friend, Bearbear. Lily is on the autistic spectrum and uses BEARBEAR as a communicator which makes him extra special to her. He was left on a train going from Penzance to Manchester Piccadilly at Bristol Temple Meads on August 16th. 

If you have no information, please can you reblog? Please try and help us get Bearbear home.

If you have information, please contact me on tumblr or Lily’s dad on Facebook.





Manila submerged. Please signal boost, along with the emergency hotlines and donation links:




Several of my country men and women are chest-deep in flood because of Typhoon Maring’s (international name: Trami) relentless rains. The sun hasn’t come out for days in Metro Manila and we need your help.


  • National Disaster and Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) hotlines: (02) 911-1406, (02) 912-2665, (02) 912-5668, (02) 911-1873 
  • Red Cross hotline: 143, (02) 527-0000, (02) 527-8385 to 95 
  • DSWD: (632)931-81-01 to 07, local 426 (Disaster Response Unit); (02) 951-7119
  • PAGASA: 433-8526
  • NDRRMC: 911-1406
  • MMDA Flood Control: 882-4177
  • PNP: 117
  • Philippine Cost Guard: 527-6136
  • Philippine Red Cross: 911-1876
  • Bureau of Fire Protection: 729-5166


TWITTER NOTICE! Remember:  for emergencies,  for evacuation centers and relief ops,  flood situation,  once rescued. TWEET @RescuePH if you or anyone you know needs help!

Please, if you can reblog it, take time from your comfortable and safe life to reblog and spread the word. People are suffering out here and need help. Thank you.

Please help if you can!

Spreading the word. And sending love to the Philippines…

The storm has already passed after it remained almost stationary for days here in Manila, the damages were tremendous. Even up to know, many people are still recovering from this disaster. 

just signal boosting this if anyone wants to help! donations would be appreciated (found in the desciption above)! thank you!


My country really needs your help! FP The Philippines is experiencing heavy rains right now, and I really wanted to post this AT doodle inspired by this typhoon, but I didn’t want to post it yet since I didn’t have enough info. But now I do, thanks to Soupery’s post. Here are a few things I copy-pasted from it.

Typhoon Maring has recently settled in as a monsoon. All over the place, streets are flooding and people are getting stranded. It’s going major chaos over here.

Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their homes. The flood came and took everything. Hundreds of families had to be evacuated from their own houses. It doesn’t help that 30% of our population is already in poverty.

We’re doing our best to send relief goods, but what I’m asking for is a little help because I know it can go a long way.

Online Donations are available.

Donate to the Philippine Red Cross

Donate to Laging Handa (Ayala Foundation)

Donate to Operation Walang Iwanan (Gawad Kalinga)

Thanks a lot for your help, support and your prayers guys. Please reblog maybe so anyone can know. And for all the Filipinos out there, stay safe and God bless!