I once had a dream where John and Geromy (only it was spelled Jeromy, with a J) were actually really close friends and neighbors.

But as John got closer and closer to his internet friends, he started hanging out with Jeromy less and less, and they kind of grew apart despite living right near each other.

Once, John tried to introduce him to Dave and the others, but it didn’t work out very well and Jeromy couldn’t shake the feeling that he as being left behind. And when John should him Dave’s comic (“Look he even put you in it isn’t that so cool! Dave’s really funny!”) Jeromy was just so done and then one day they didn’t wait at the bus stop together and that was that.

The last memory Jeromy has of John is all the meteors raining down from the sky, and John with his cruxite apple.

“Guess you’re leaving me behind once and for all…”

It was a pretty sad dream.

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[As she died, Aradia heard the voices of the dead assure her that it wouldn’t always be this painful but the comfort she took in that was misguided because the dead do not feel pain.]



when dave and dirk meet, i think dave would take longer to get used to the idea that dirk isn’t the dude who raised him. though both of them have some pretty high expectations most likely just shot down. it’s just not the same.

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i love this artist and i’m just gonna reblog everything now

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Karkat locked his fondest memories with the kids away with a password from Jade because he cannot help obsessing over all the things he did wrong.  The memories become painful, and he uses the password to separate himself from the memories, but not from Jade. He still hates himself for not being upfront about his feelings.

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[image description: Nepeta holds up Equius, who is bloody and collapsed against her shoulder. She extends her claws, looking angry.]

I just… wanted a protective Nepeta.






i made it into pages because i couldnt even read the words

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my Dad Egbert feels

what he did on john’s birthday



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[Gamzee’s rare blood colour made his lusii sure he was supposed to live as a seadweller. He left Gamzee when he found out he wasnt one.]

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[Vriska wanders the dream bubbles looking for the John who remembers her so they can go on a date, but she can never find him. She avoids everyone else so they won’t see how heartbroken she is.]

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[Calliope was actually extremely abusive towards her brother, even if she didn’t know it. He would show her his drawings, and she would laugh in his face. The abuse made him an extremely angry person.]

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