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So, I have a theory, but it isn’t spectacular or anything.

Keep in mind that Jake is currently unconscious. He is having a flashback. 

A flashback from when he was 13. Dirk confided in him, but not for the reason he’s been hopingexpecting. When Dirk was telling Jake about being from the future, I doubt that romance was very much on his mind. There was definitely something there, though. There are definitely feelings developing.

Given the apocalyptic circumstances, and his “one step at a time” attitude, I bet he figured his best friend should know that one drawback about him before any dramatic love confessions can take place. You know, like how lovers learn about each others flaws. Oh, I have trouble staying organized. Oh, I can be clingy. Oh, I live in the 24th century and I’m the last existing human male and I’m surrounded by water and this Batterwitch is a crazy hoe. Gotta drink my own piss, jk. 

ANYWAY. Soon in their pesterlog, I suspect that Jake will say “Strider, if  you were a girl, I’d totally be into you!” Or whatever. That specific line that Jake mentioned when he was speaking with Jane. Yeah. 

Maybe because he was flustered about being wrong or something, IDON’TKNOW.



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