Nyo!France isn’t just the Queen of Fashion. She IS fashion

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ok, so first ill explain alternian fabrics. they’re stratchier and thinner than ours (which is how tavros gets dressed)

they are also more prone to being stained despite being dark (remember how bright karkat’s blood was against his shirt after he got stabbed?)

this is relavent because equius started building robo!aradia before aradia even died.  he was trying to reconcile his hemospectrum problems by giving her blue blood.

he was messing around with a vat of blood for the robot when he took off his shirt (it gets hot when you are boiling blood) and it fell in, dying it blue.

he realised later that he was sort of neglecting nepeta because of his obsession with aradia, and used the shirt to make nepeta’s hat with aradia’s hat. this was sort of a way of saying to himself that he loved nepeta just as much, if not more than aradia. 

» Dirk Headcanon


He has a sever case of “Papa Bear Syndrome”. 

You fuck with his family? He will wreck your shit. No mercy will be given for the shit you pull on Rose or Dave.

For example, there an incident in junior year with Rose at her school - she suddenly came home one day with cut bangs and uneven hair. Roxy asked her about it and it turns out that she had been bullied by a group of kids in her class due to that ‘aura’ she seems to radiate, she usually countered them with retorts that struck them speechless but that particular day three of her male classmates managed to hold her down while a few others cute her bangs. Worried, Roxy immediately phoned a very piss off Papa Bear up in Texas - bad idea.

He flew over immediately, then disappeared for a few days. This became particularly worrying when Rose heard three of her classmates - the ones she recognized that had pinned her down had ended up in the hospital - all with broken limbs and one with a sever concussion. None of them would speak about who did it. But Rose could take a guess considering when she came to school the next day there was a note hammered to every locker saying:

“The prince is here, touch his sister and your shit will be wrecked.”

Dirk Strider doesn’t play.

((Roxy has a similar “Mama Bear Syndrome” but on a lesser scale.))


voca photoset 4


I have a feeling


aradia is a bit insecure about her teeth cause it’s not pointy like at all, it’s dumb. 

but sollux would be like well i don’t have half of my teeth anymore so it’s just as dumb as yours and then they both have silly grins on their faces. kind of like this:

» Actually maybe I do give a tiny shit





i just imagine that rose and dave waited around for the meteors to come for years and years


they got everything ready for the babies

like, they decorated their rooms and everything

and then when they knew they weren’t going to come in their lifetimes

they left a note:

your name is dirk

(Your name is Roxy)

i may not be here

But understand that I care.

be brave

Be smart.

be strong

And know that I will always love you.


Your Mother

(your bro)




What if Ms. Paint dies, but Hussie takes her body and places it on a quest bed in his home (while avoiding Lord English) and then she becomes Photoshop.