TG: rose you just bit my hand
TT: I am a daughter of the night now, my trembling captive.
TT: I crave the dark nectar of your veins.
TG: yeah but like
TG: dont you have to break the skin for that
TT: Fhhumf ummph.
TG: oh my god stop it
TG: youre just chewing me
TT: Damn it.
TT: Your skin is surprisingly tough.
TT: Stay there.
TG: this is embarrassing
TG: im literally embarrassed to be your darkling bride here
TG: all cooped up in your transylvanian bat palace tappin my foot impatiently on the flagstones
TG: youre sitting kind of sheepish mumbling some stuff about being stressed at work
TG: no we cant try again in half an hour
TG: id say you suck at this but we both know thats the problem - holy shit
TG: is that a can opener get away from me you lunatic

*very intense popcorn gif*


I’ve got the gift of one liners and you’ve got the curse of curves


i was going for derscest but it ended up looking like a bad perfume add


why cant dave/rose be called knight light 

it is

and so is rosekat


this is bad and i should feel bad

and if i loved you
it’d be the worst thing i could ever do





Cant you see you are losing this game?
I see only pain
I wish you could see the other side
This is not losing dignity or pride
There is no battle too tough
Dear brother: I will never give up

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you’re really nosy did you know that